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779,934 plays West Coast Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence



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The #Dxpeshow presents: The Colors of Paranoia

This particular dance video serves as not only as an artistic expression from the minds of a few passionate college students but also a plea for more social awareness amongst college campuses; shot by Virginia Commonwealth University students Torian Ugworji & Corey Daniels whom have researched an experienced three tragic events around the time of the video recording. One female student died at a house party in the downtown Richmond area of the campus, another lit himself on fire in front of the police at his home, and finally the third was assaulted and hospitalized by the local campus Rite-aid pharmacy. Each victim’s general location, at the time of incident, is represented in the video by a caption on the screen and the recorded in the vicinity of the actual tragedies. After catching wind of the the project’s blueprint, fellow dancer member Jonathan Briley and I collaborated to create choreography from hip hop artist Chance The Rapper’s “Pusha Man/ Paranoia”. Both the tragedies and the lyrics in the song closely resemble each other and what better way to express one’s emotions then through art? Ultimately this masterpiece was created in the end due to God and the hard work that we all put into this production. I pray this video and many more like it open the eyes, hearts, and overall awareness of the realities of many college students these days. Be blessed and go with God.
- Malik Bannister

#Dxpeshow (Dance x Passionate Entertainment Show)


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